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Welcome to the Calle Underground.

The Calle Underground is the movement to bring soccer back to the streets across the U.S. The creativity, ingenuity and unique styles of the world’s greatest soccer players and nations have all come from the pavement and dirt roads of their hometowns. The pitch gave the game rules and regulations. The street has always given it heart and soul. In the U.S., as in every other country where players dream of bringing home the cup, future champions will emerge from the streets playing the game known around the world as calle.

No pitch. No posts. No problem. The Calle Underground is providing the inspiration for kids everywhere to play – anytime, anywhere. If you are looking for a pickup game, go to “find a game” and you’ll be hooked up. Got a favorite place to play? Tell us and we’ll share it on
the “anywhere” of the week.

Get out and play.

Anytime. Anywhere.